VIDEO WorK | concept, write, produce, deliver.


Mini Indoor Golf has been selling a vintage golf game (with some nice updates) for decades and needed a little brand refresh and digital focus. They needed a video to build a new website and social media distribution campaign around showing the realistic play of the game in a fun and engaging manner.

Mainstreet is a rapidly growing company. One of the challenges of their success is the onboarding and training of newly-hired staff. This video was part of an internal launch of a program that allowed all employees to get answers to their questions quickly with an internal concierge service (and not always go to their managers for simple questions).


Indiana State University wanted to promote a free school application event. Working with Raidious, we put together what a senior year journey would look like on Instagram. We wanted to inspire this year's seniors to start thinking about college now, even while there was so much to look forward to before they graduate.


The Children's Museum of Indianapolis had a new exhibit with an interactive Pit Stop Challenge. Instead of having staff or volunteer explain how it works all day, every day, they filmed staff doing the challenge so visitors could see the instructions before they jumped in.

The Walton Family Foundation is working to create jobs and innovation around environmentally-friendly development and preservation of waterways. They needed a short commercial video to play before speakers at an event to promote their efforts.