Solving business challenges with creative marketing solutions.


I am an Indianapolis-based creative consultant and content creator looking for people who want to connect with their audiences in meaningful ways. I'll help navigate the production process from concept to publishing and beyond.



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Video is one of those things everyone knows they need but not everyone knows where to start. I take the hassle out of the process by getting to the bottom of what you need, who you're talking to and then produce the videos using a team of your choice (or I can help there too).

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People are reading more than ever these days, only it's in smaller bursts of micro content rather than delving into War and Peace. You only have a few seconds to connect with a reader before they decide to stay with you or not.. This means you must connect with them and their needs. Fast.

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You don't need to be bleeding edge to be viewed as a thought leader in your space. You don't have to get everything perfect in order to get things right. There are many solutions to marketing challenges, so let's uncover them and find a creative way to make your brand stand out.

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What Would You Do If You Knew You Had The Right Answer?


“Change is inevitable…Working with change is what creativity is about.” 

— Ed Catmull [Creativity, Inc]


At the end of the day....

I just want to help make what we create for work fun.