Indy Freelance and Creative Talent Who Help Me Do What I Love

One of the biggest questions I faced when I decided to focus on my own business instead of going to work for someone else was how I could expand offerings when needed. I didn't want to get stuck doing production work that pays the bills at the expense of creative strategy work I want to build. So I would have to utilize outside resources who could do great work from time to time.

Lucky for me, this city hosts some fantastic freelancers and companies who helped make my original concerns a thing of the past. I have been able to relieve my workload or enhance my service offerings.

I know it's cliche to say that "It takes a village," but dammit I'm going to say it anyway. Here are some of the people I've had the pleasure of working with during the last year should you ever find yourself in need of creative services.


Ashleigh Lay

I've had the pleasure of working with Ashleigh at a previous job and have happily asked her to work on many projects. Postcards, GIFs, display ads, even a poem she designed currently hangs in my office. Always reliable and fun to work with. View her website.

Look at this adorable GIF she created for a gas station chain promoting their private label snack offerings.

Look at this adorable GIF she created for a gas station chain promoting their private label snack offerings.


Neil Kjeldsen

I've known Neil since pretty much forever - at least since I was like 11 years old, if not longer. He has a great eye for web and logo design. I have asked Neil to do various projects this year including some (yet-to-be-released) t-shirts and graphic work for Hope Plumbing. You can reach Neil at

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Stefan Bean

Stefan has a great clean style to his designs that works well for corporate or modern brands. Logos, branding and web design are his specialties and I would highly recommend him for project work or long term engagements. Check out his stuff on his site.


Chroma Productions

Vinnie at Chroma Productions has been one of my go-to videographers and editors for years. He has been great to work with because he can easily scale up to a multi-camera/videographer setup or is also great to send out as a run-and-gun guy covering events or quick interviews. Check out the Chroma Productions website and the video below we created.

Granola Video

Andy Young of Granola Video is another one of my go-to videographers. I usually reach out to him in a pinch when I need someone to come in and cover a video shoot with little notice and little instruction. And the results are always fantastic. You can see one of the videos I did with Andy at Granola on my videos sample page.

Bayonet Media

Not really freelancers as much as Emmy-award-winning video production masters, but I include them because they have filled some gaps in production for me in video, animation, sales and more. They're among the best in the business. Check out the trailer for their feature length documentary below.

Copywriting, Social, Branding and PR

Kate Franzman

Kate is another person I have had the pleasure of working with at a previous job. In my humble opinion, she is the best web copywriter I have worked with. I have also relied on her expertise in creating social media content, branding brainstorming and blogging. You can email her at and check out some of her work on her passion project, Bee Public.

Meghan Freeman

Meghan has helped take on some blogging duties when I get overloaded as well as prepared press releases and even assisted on video shoots to help keep people on message. Her previous experience was with some pretty high level corporate and healthcare/tech companies and in addition to being a great strategist, also has great media contacts around the city. Check out her website for more info on her services.

Kelly Elsner

I will forever be in debt to Kelly for helping me navigate the waters of starting my own business. She should know a thing or two about it as she has started several of her own. I have worked with Kelly on several projects including her services as customer experience and event marketing maven. I encourage you to go check out her branded promotional products company, Brandtopia and her mobile experience offering, Swag Truck.

Business Intelligence

Alex Firtl

Alex has a day job as a BI and data analyst but takes on some freelance projects as well. When a client has about five years of sales data to organize and analyze, Alex was able to do so as well as provide insights into trends and outliers of interest. You can reach Alex at

So there you have it; my short list of amazing Indy creative and freelance talent. Just don't use them too much or I'll be out of luck when I ask for emergency help like I am prone to do.