Marketing Must Watch: The Naked Brand

This film which comes in a little over 35 minutes is one of the most influential videos I've watched on the subject of marketing and advertising. It's called "The Naked Brand" and unfortunately you must now pay $1.99 to watch it on YouTube (it used to be free), but it is completely worth it.

One of the reasons I was able to transition into marketing years ago was because the industry changed. With digital marketing, two-way communication, social media and the power of content creation put in the hands of anyone with a phone, advertising became authentic and about experiences rather than selling.

Or as they say in this short documentary, "You can no longer say who you are, you have to be it," (or something like that). 

If memory served me correctly, the opening story is about Congress approved funds for a NASCAR team sponsored by the U.S. Army was spending millions on advertising yet cutting funding for veteran benefits. The case is made that a single homeless veteran speaks louder to public perception about the military than a car with Army logos plastered on it. Wouldn't recruiting be better not by sponsoring a race team, but rather by increasing the care and compensation available to men and women who serve our country.

It's worth your time and $2.