The Importance of Trust

Design and online user experience can play a role in building trust. In this fantastic TED Talk, one of Airbnb's co-founders outlines how they built a business with design and an understanding of what drives humans to trust one another.

Dear GOP, Please Get Your Sh*t Together

Do you know what the best thing about not identifying as a Republican or Democrat is? No, it’s not the ability to smugly say you’re an independent whenever someone gets red-faced and angry when you don’t agree with them. No, it’s the ability to judge ideas and people based on their merit without feeling the pressure to stick up for your party or your candidates.

Dan Remembers: Scariest Moments from Non-Scary Movies

I grew up loving horror movies. I remember going to the Phar-Mor (it was like a churched-up Walgreens that rented movies too) and browsing the horror section endlessly for some fright-inducing film. This usually just meant picking the scariest looking movie art that didn’t have any mostly naked women on the front so my parents would let me rent it.